Alligator Ice

Premium Frozen Drink Programs

Alligator Ice Midwest Programs

Alligator Ice Midwest has flexible programs available for just about any kind of business with a beverage counter. Programs are structured to meet the needs of your business. Equipment purchase and rental/upcharge programs are available. Our most popular program is with our frozen drinks. Alligator Ice Midwest has over 20 frozen drink flavors in stock to satisfy your niche market.

Alligator Ice Slush Machine Alligator Ice

Branded Cups

Alligator Ice has a wide range of clear logo cups available. Newly introduced sizes include 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz all using the same lid. Cups are competitively priced and are an integral part of the program. Free cup racks are supplied with our program to help with cup display. A 16oz Refill-Novelty cups isw also available with a stand-up merchandiser as shown.

Alligator Ice Logo Cups Alligator Ice Refill Cups Alligator Ice Refill Cups Merchandiser

Alligator Iced Tea and Lemonade

With Alligator Ice Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea, you get a great tasting tea without all of the hastle of brewing. There is little to no waste with our tea mixes as our refrigerated tea dispensers give a 10 day shelf life. A high quality product with a competitive price make this program highly profitable. Our three flavors of sweet tea, unsweet tea, or lemonade give you flexibility to suite your market.

mini tea dispenser Alligator Iced Tea dispenser Iced Tea Refrigerated

Gator Shakes & Smoothies

Gator Shakes & Smoothies offer a great supplemental frozen drink program to our cornerstone slush program. Shakes are available in vanilla and chocolate flavors. Smoothies are available in strawberry banana, wild berry, peach, and strawberry. Shakes & Smoothies work in same frozen drink equipment as slush.

Alligator Ice Shakes Alligator Ice Smoothie Machine

Coo Coos Coolers 100% Fruit Juice Slush

Coo Coo's Coolers offer a great way to spruce up your beverage program. Whether you are a school needing a way to add fun to your lunch program or a health conscious business, 100% Fruit Juice Coo Coo's Coolers is a way to go. Available in 5 awesome flavors: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch. Flexible equipment programs available for St. Louis region school districts/businesses.

Real Fruit Juice Slushes Frozen Fruit Drinks

Alligator Ice Soft Serve

"WOW, this is great!" This is the response that our retailers get from this great tasting soft serve mix. This program offers your business an easy way to give your snack counter a profitable kick. Flavors include vanilla and chocolate that are easy to mix. Attractive equipment purchase programs are available.

Alligator Ice Soft Serve Soft Serve Ice Cream Alligator Ice Slush Cream